Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blu Electronic Cigarettes

Blu, the electronic cigarette, is one of many popular companies. If you have just heard of electronic cigarettes, you may want to check them out and look into them. They offer a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, cherry, coffee/java, menthol, and of course classic tobacco. You can get the starter kits of Blu for about , which is pretty cheap, compared to other companies selling electronic cigarettes. With the starter kit, you will receive a full carton of 25 cartridge refills, 2 electronic cigarette batteries, 1 atomizer, 1 wall charger and 1 USB charger. When you purchase, you have a choice of either white or black cigarette colors, and when heading to check out, you are able to choose a variety of flavors for the 25 cartridges and the strength of each pack. You can either choose to mix the flavors to be able to try all the flavors or you can choose all the same flavor, if you want. The best thing about Blu is you have a 30 Day money back guarantee and a one year warranty, just in case if you decided you don’t like them.

I first purchased Blu, about a year ago. At the time, they were behind on orders and took about 2 weeks to ship my starter kit. I’m not sure if they’re still behind on starter kits or not. As soon as they had the kits available, they were sold out, as fast as they came in.

After I received my starter kit through the mail, the batteries were pre-charged to about 50%. So, I was able to try them out, as soon as I got them. At first, it seems complicated to use but when you catch on, it becomes easier. You have to unscrew the blank safety cartridge and screw in one of the new cartridges. I actually thought the blank cap was a real cartridge and was wondering why it didn’t taste anything like I was expecting. Even when I e-smoked with the blank cartridge, it had a great taste to it but without any nicotine. When I found out I was suppose to change out the cartridge, I was laughing to myself and felt pretty embarrassed. I guess it was a good thing that I was alone or I would have felt worse.