Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes And Health

Now a days searching a one stop shop for electronic cigarette and it’s related product is a very difficult task. After searching best shop for electronic cigarette customer aim is to bring product in whole sale prices. And find these two things at one stop is very profitable for them.

Electronic cigarette available in all shapes and sizes as per the customer demand. Most of the electronic cigarette shops try to bring together all products in one kit. These kits are available on different prices and at that time there are some things which are considered. The most of electronic cigarette shops gives you different product on whole sale rates because they have directly chain with e cig manufactures.

Now we discuss on what the actual e cig is and what the main advantages of it are? Look, electronic cigarette is the form of vaporizer. There are many name for e cig such as health cigarette, electronic cigarette and e cig. Why it called health cigarette and the reason is that, it is the best alternative for traditional tobacco cigarettes. As all of you know what are the bad effects of traditional tobacco cigarette and hence e cig is the best option for those who are addicted for tobacco cigarette. E cig gives you same feel and test of traditional tobacco cigarette but it is very safer than it. There are no bad effects from it. And hence, most of chain smoker gives high priority to e cig.

Electronic Cigarette Fifty One

The Smoke Fifty One electronic cigarette is a ground-breaking device that provides a healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. Manufactured with the latest technological advances, the Fifty-One E-Cigarette gives you the freedom to light up anywhere.

There’s no flame, no tar, no ash, and no harmful carbon monoxide. The Fifty-One E-Cig is tobacco free and contains no carcinogens and toxic chemicals used in the making of traditional cigarettes. Because there is no obnoxious second-hand smoke, this product will not harm the smoker, the environment or non-smokers.

Simply put, an electronic cigarette contains a micro-chip, a filter, a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. When you inhale, the micro-chip activates the battery which powers the atomizer. This, in turn, vaporizes the nicotine in the cartridge. There are two types of Fifty-One E-Cigs on the market – the Trio and The Duo.

One cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of conventional cigarettes. This means that the life of the cartridge will depend on the smoker. Signs that the cartridge needs replacing are a loss of flavor and vapor.