Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kids Sleeping Bags

When looking to buy a sleeping bag for your kids you need to take a couple of things in to consideration. While there are of course many similarities with adult sleeping bags, there is also some difference that should be clear about before purchasing. This article is going to look into this area.

It is important to buy the right sleeping bag for your kids. One of the most important considerations to make is the length and size. If your child is very small then you should probably select a large sleeping bag as more use will be given to it over the coming years. It is quite pointless to buy such a small bag, as it will be useless within the year. Of course if you have other children that can use it in the future it may not be a complete loss.

Sleeping bags are recommended for children after the age of four months. This is the case, because it is at this time when they a start to walk and sleep, and the time between meals becomes much more extended. Also at this time, the baby’s brain patterns start to get enforced so the security of a sleeping bag can really help to enforce the pattern. It provides the security needed to sleep.

It is also advisable to look for a kids sleeping bag that has deep sleeve holes. This will allow the air to move unhindered and circulate around the child, which should prevent overheating. You may also want to ensure that your child wears a cotton sleeping suit while inside the sleeping bag, as this will accomplish the same thing and be more comfortable for the child.

There are plenty of great designs offered for kids sleeping bags. They can get them in various fun colors or even with their favourite characters on them. They will really be excited to know that this particular sleeping bag is just for them. You can also let them come along with you to pick it out.

Not all children are ready to go camping outdoors though. You can let them have some fun by having an indoor camp out. They can place their sleeping bags in the living room or on the bedroom floor. This can be a great deal of fun when it is simply too cold out to go camping too.

Down Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags are the most popular kind of sleeping bag in the outdoor industry. They are almost always recommended above the synthetic sleeping bags due to their many advantages. The main reason for this high recommendation is the amount of warmth that is generated from the down naturally. The synthetic bags are unable to match the warmth ratio that the down can achieve.

Another great advantage of the down sleeping bags is that they are very easy to compress into the stuff sack or even a backpack. The material is very easy to manipulate and does not take up much room at all. This is especially true when compared to the synthetic bags of the same size, which can sometimes be very bulky.

Because the insulating material is the most important factor when choosing a sleeping bag, the down is seen as a huge advantage being a natural product from geese. Although the new synthetic sleeping bags offer a host of advancements, many people see the warmth generated, as the most important factor in the choice.

Besides being far warmer, down sleeping bags have great durability and should last for a number of years if treated properly and with care. One of the only disadvantages of down sleeping bags is that many people are allergic to the material and they cannot use them. If you know that you are allergic, then you will need to choose a synthetic sleeping bag.

The other big disadvantage is that they can become damp and wet easily. When this happens all the great insulation properties of the down become obsolete. This is quite a critical aspect to take into account when buying a sleeping bag. If you are going to adventure into areas that are very wet and humid, then you should avoid a down sleeping bag at all costs. You would simply be wasting your money and backpack space.

This leads me to the conclusion of the article and something you need to keep thinking about. Remember that down sleeping bags are more expensive than the other options you have available. If you feel that the extra warmth and comfort is worth the price, then I would recommend you choose a down sleeping bag.

Double Sleeping Bags

Double sleeping bags, or two person sleeping bags, as they are commonly known, offer a great addition to any camping trip or outdoor pursuit. If you are looking to invest in a double sleeping bag then this guide to going to give the facts you need to know in order to make a quality buying decision.

Double sleeping bags are rectangular in shape and obviously a lot larger than a regular sleeping bag in order to accommodate two people. The two people are in most cases adults, although there are some times exceptions to this rule.

There are a vast variety of double sleeping bags available on the market and you are advised to shop around in order to find which is the best match for your needs. As some models can be zipped apart and then used as two completely separate sleeping bags, you should decide exactly what you are looking for before buying.

This may be a feature that you may or not be interested in. It can offer another dimension to your camping supplies and may prove very valuable in the future. It can also reduce your costs if you have a family and need to be flexible with the outdoor sleeping arrangements. It is certainly worth considering.

Another aspect to note is that some double sleeping bags offer more insulation than others on certain sides of the sleeping bag. This may seem confusing but it can also be very practical. For example, one side of the double sleeping bag is given a heavier insulation than the other, so that when the colder nights come, that heavier side can be used on the top to provide extra warmth and insulation for its users.

Double sleeping bags are generally used by people who are going to stay inside a cabin or somewhere that already has an element of cover. They are also used for light family camping also, as they are not seen as the most durable or reliable sleeping bags for intensive outdoor activity.

If you are going to choose a double sleeping bag, then always choose one that is big enough for your comfort level, but not oversized, as it will mean you have extra space that needs to be kept warm. This can have the opposite effect in some instances, and could make you colder.

Don’t choose a double sleeping bag that is too small either, as the insulation will get compressed and work less effectively. In general, you should adhere to the tips in this article and you should find what you are looking for.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags have become very advanced to keep people warm and secure in a number of different conditions and temperatures. The manufactures of sleeping bags now use a number of very high tech materials. They are also found with plenty of great designs on them. There are a few of key points to keep in mind if you are thinking of buying a sleeping bag. You don’t want to spend the night in it and discover you can’t get a good night of rest.

The main feature of any sleeping bag is the insulating material that is used in the fabric. The two choices you have available these days are down and synthetic materials. There are some pros and cons to choosing each type of them. You will also need to decide on what size you need. There are sleeping bags for adults, children, and even for two people to sleep in or just for a larger person to be more comfortable in.

Down is considered to be the better quality of material due to the incredible retention of warm temperatures that they are able to sustain. They are also very light when compared to the synthetic material. When you have to hike a long distance with a sleeping bag on your back you want it to be as light as possible. By the same token though you want it to keep you warm throughout the night.

A synthetic sleeping bag will weigh more that down, but the technology is improving all the time. The current market allows campers to find many top quality synthetic sleeping bags. It will work better when it rains though because of how the materials repel it. Synthetic sleeping bags are also more affordable so if you will only use it once in a while you may not want to pay too much.

When you plan to go camping having a sleeping bag to keep you warm is the best plan of action. Even if you have a camper it can get very cold through the night. The best time to invest in new sleeping bags is at the end of summer when they are on sale. Look for good brands as well as those that are going to keep you very warm.