Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Birth Control Patch

The new birth control patch may be a big danger. You should research this option thoroughly before using it. Birth control pills have been around for decades and are generally safe for everyone. Smoking cigarettes can make using birth control pills or the patch very dangerous. The risks associated with smoking cigarettes are increased greatly with the use of the birth control patch.
The birth control patch has come under serious scrutiny lately. It seems as though the birth control patch comes with a much higher risk of blood clotting than its counterpart the pill. I had a hard time buying into the idea of a birth control patch mostly because of silly reasons. I wondered how well a birth control patch would stay on.
I thought that it had to be difficult to get the right dose of hormones with the birth control patch and I wondered what would happen if too much hormone was released into my bloodstream. I worried that it could cause a skin rash. I did not give much thought to the serious health concerns that come with the birth control patch mostly because I never really considered it as a possibility for myself. It appears that may have been a very wise decision on my part.
The patch may be on its way to being banned if it keeps getting the bad press that it has been getting as of late. It has been alleged that the birth control patch has caused blood clots in otherwise healthy women. I do not recommend the use of the birth control patch. With all the pills out there that do the same thing, I do not think that the patch is necessary. Although it may have appeared to be a new and intriguing option for birth control, it has yet to prove itself to be safe.
There seem to be class action lawsuits waiting in the wings that could take down the patch for good. Once the manufacturer has to shell out big bucks to settle such lawsuits, they may have to discontinue making the product because it is no longer cost effective. The FDA has been criticized for approving medications without giving them enough thought or doing adequate research to prove that the medications are safe. In a world where the pharmaceutical realm seems to be more concerned with turning profits, you should not blindly trust any medication or procedure that has been approved by the FDA.
We all know that we should be wary of any compound or procedure that has not been approved by the FDA, but we have reason to questions those that are approved. Do not diagnose yourself. With the amount of information consumers receive through commercials, many are overconfident and think that they can accurately diagnose their health problems as well as appropriate solutions. This is simply untrue. You should always speak to a doctor before going on any new health regimen and be a skeptical consumer when it comes to new drugs.