Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best Buy Fake Colored Contact Lens

The fake colored contact lenses come in almost all colors ranging from red to brown to green to orange. There are contacts that are grey, yellow or multi shaded which are called exotic contact lenses. Some crazy types of contact lenses are pitch black contacts, freaky eye contacts, crazy vampire red contact lenses, blind eye contacts etc. They all fall in the category of fake colored contacts. You should know before hand that these contacts may or may not suit you always. It all depends upon the type of complexion you have and the natural color of your eyes. If you are dark then wearing brown contacts would suit a lot rather than wearing grey. If you are fair then you can wear a variety of lenses that are green eye contacts, grey eye contacts, blue eye contacts etc. If you are not sure which color would suit you then you can visit your optician. They keep all the colors for trial so that you can see the impact of contacts on your eyes and personality. If you are purchasing contact lenses without prescription from online store then you can order free trial contacts to check and then finally place the order.