Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Articles on Health Related to School

There are five things that need to be avoided by the school youth for promoting a better school health environment. These 6 things are recommended by the school health program of WHO itself. They are:

1. Tobacco use
2. Behavior resulting in injury and violence
3. Alcohol and usage of other substance
4. Dietery and unhygienic practices
5. Sedentary lifestyle
6. Sexual behavior that cause unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

School youth is more vulnerable to social and psychological diseases. This is the reason why the need of school health programs is necessary. There are many school health articles that talk about how to keep your kids safe and secure in the school. At times there might be kids who like to bully and get some real nice school going children get involved into objectionable activities like smoking and alcohol. Smoking and drinking is not at all permitted in the school premises because school administrations are aware of the fact that they are injurious to health. If your children report you that they are experiencing some social problems and are being bullied by some unhealthy kids then immediately do something about it.