Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Connecting Playstation To The Internet Try It Now

For Wireless Internet Connections
If you are using PlayStation in a room where WiFi or Wireless routers are installed then you’d need different settings to get connected to the internet. Here’s the instruction set for users with wirless connections.
First three steps are same, the remaining should be followed carefully:
4. Now Select Scan to find the wireless signals available because sometimes in public areas there is more than one WiFi installed. Select the one whose name is known to you, enter the name and press X button to proceed.
5. Now you need to enter the identification key or the subscription key of your connection. If you are in a public area and using a public WiFi you can ask the network administrator for the key. If your network has no key select none and press X button to continue.
6. You will see a display of your connection settings, press X buttin to approve them and run a test session to see if you have been connected to the internet successfully.

…and bingo! You see, connecting PlayStation to Internet is so simple and easy!