Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Liquid Diazepam Buy Now

Diazepam is available in the form of tablets for oral use and in liquid form for injection. The liquid diazepam is available in 500ml containers with 1mg of the drug per mg and in form of 30ml dropper bottles with 5mg of the drug per ml.
Liquid diazepam- Better than tablet and capsule form?
Liquid diazepam is preferred when used for Diazepam Withdrawal. Diazepam withdrawal is not made suddenly; in fact the drug dosage is made small gradually to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. During withdrawal of the drug, very close administration of the dosage is required and the drug is cut down to its percentage quantities. Such a percentage cut down is not possible with tablets or capsules; hence making the liquid forms an ideal solution. When a patient’s dosage reaches a decreased quantity of 5mg per day, the drug should be replaced with the liquid suspension of diazepam as the drug concentration in the liquid can be monitored in more precise way. Dropper bottles of liquid diazepam are marketed by Roxane as Diazepam Intensol in United States.