Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Contact Lens No Prescription

Contact lenses- An Overview
Contact lenses are small glass discs which are mainly used to correct the short sightedness and eye sight problems. Contact lenses are replacing eyeglasses largely all over the world due to the comfort factor they have brought in to correct the eye sight problems. People all over the world now prefer contact lenses over eye glasses as it provide assistance to them to correct their vision problems while at the same time these small-sized discs are so comfortable to adjust with. The wide varieties of contact lenses have made us able to choose the one which suits our lifestyle the best. Contact lenses are made to place directly on the eye cornea where it floats on thin layer of tears. The newer contact lenses are thinner, softer, and easier to be placed on the eye cornea.
Apart from medical uses, contact lenses are also being used to enhance the eye color and sometimes for decorative purposes as well.