Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Champagne Glasses Compared To Other Glassware

Glass stemware may consist of clear wine glasses, coloured wine glasses, wholesale champagne glasses, brandy glasses, cocktail glasses and sherry glasses. These possess varying shapes and sizes. The red wine glasses for instance have a wide bowl that raises the surface area in connection with air and increases the rate of air flow necessary for red wines. On the other hand, the glass champagne flute has a tall thin bowl that reduces the surface area thereby keeping the beautiful bubbles related with champagne. Indeed there are contemporary and traditional styles of stemware some of which are short and others long. The long stems are normally sought-after for white glasses as this allows the drinker to hold the stem and not increase the temperature of the wine.

As compared to other glass flutes, tumblers have no stem or foot at their base. There are one pint glasses, highball glasses, juice glasses, shot glasses and other kinds. Pint glasses for instance appear in varying shapes and sizes. The most popular are the tulip, nonic and conical shapes.  The nonic shapes have a bulge near the top making them stronger and less likely to slither out of the drinker’s hand. More info on wholesale champagne glasses.