Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Double Sleeping Bags

Double sleeping bags, or two person sleeping bags, as they are commonly known, offer a great addition to any camping trip or outdoor pursuit. If you are looking to invest in a double sleeping bag then this guide to going to give the facts you need to know in order to make a quality buying decision.

Double sleeping bags are rectangular in shape and obviously a lot larger than a regular sleeping bag in order to accommodate two people. The two people are in most cases adults, although there are some times exceptions to this rule.

There are a vast variety of double sleeping bags available on the market and you are advised to shop around in order to find which is the best match for your needs. As some models can be zipped apart and then used as two completely separate sleeping bags, you should decide exactly what you are looking for before buying.

This may be a feature that you may or not be interested in. It can offer another dimension to your camping supplies and may prove very valuable in the future. It can also reduce your costs if you have a family and need to be flexible with the outdoor sleeping arrangements. It is certainly worth considering.

Another aspect to note is that some double sleeping bags offer more insulation than others on certain sides of the sleeping bag. This may seem confusing but it can also be very practical. For example, one side of the double sleeping bag is given a heavier insulation than the other, so that when the colder nights come, that heavier side can be used on the top to provide extra warmth and insulation for its users.

Double sleeping bags are generally used by people who are going to stay inside a cabin or somewhere that already has an element of cover. They are also used for light family camping also, as they are not seen as the most durable or reliable sleeping bags for intensive outdoor activity.

If you are going to choose a double sleeping bag, then always choose one that is big enough for your comfort level, but not oversized, as it will mean you have extra space that needs to be kept warm. This can have the opposite effect in some instances, and could make you colder.

Don’t choose a double sleeping bag that is too small either, as the insulation will get compressed and work less effectively. In general, you should adhere to the tips in this article and you should find what you are looking for.