Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Down Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags are the most popular kind of sleeping bag in the outdoor industry. They are almost always recommended above the synthetic sleeping bags due to their many advantages. The main reason for this high recommendation is the amount of warmth that is generated from the down naturally. The synthetic bags are unable to match the warmth ratio that the down can achieve.

Another great advantage of the down sleeping bags is that they are very easy to compress into the stuff sack or even a backpack. The material is very easy to manipulate and does not take up much room at all. This is especially true when compared to the synthetic bags of the same size, which can sometimes be very bulky.

Because the insulating material is the most important factor when choosing a sleeping bag, the down is seen as a huge advantage being a natural product from geese. Although the new synthetic sleeping bags offer a host of advancements, many people see the warmth generated, as the most important factor in the choice.

Besides being far warmer, down sleeping bags have great durability and should last for a number of years if treated properly and with care. One of the only disadvantages of down sleeping bags is that many people are allergic to the material and they cannot use them. If you know that you are allergic, then you will need to choose a synthetic sleeping bag.

The other big disadvantage is that they can become damp and wet easily. When this happens all the great insulation properties of the down become obsolete. This is quite a critical aspect to take into account when buying a sleeping bag. If you are going to adventure into areas that are very wet and humid, then you should avoid a down sleeping bag at all costs. You would simply be wasting your money and backpack space.

This leads me to the conclusion of the article and something you need to keep thinking about. Remember that down sleeping bags are more expensive than the other options you have available. If you feel that the extra warmth and comfort is worth the price, then I would recommend you choose a down sleeping bag.